We're on a mission.

We're on a mission.

To use laboratories as a tool to inform decisions that improve the lives of people and our planet.

Laboratories generate unique and essential data sets to support the development of healthy communities, clean environments, and responsible stewardship.

From soil to water to air, we can handle the matrices that drive our collective health.

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Lab Techs Culture

Scientific rigor must be coupled with superior attention to the specific needs of our clients. Science, data, the environment, and progress can coexist by pursuing better testing to inform decision-making.

To that end, we're partnering with laboratories with distinct legacies of service and excellence to build the leading laboratory platform for the future.

We're strengthening systems, building resiliency, and opening new channels for growth and opportunity for our partners, all while respecting the integrity and individuality of the legacies in whose care we've been entrusted.

Lab Techs Culture

We power decisions to sustain and improve the lives of people and our planet.


To be the trusted partner for scientific insights and solutions that improve our world.

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Our values form the foundation of our culture.

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We're committed to the highest ethical standards and truth in testing, data, reporting, and client interactions.


Science is core to what we do, and we prioritize respect for fact, inquiry, and continuous optimization.


We value relationships and the mutual trust which is essential to their foundation.


One size does not fit all. We create dynamic solutions to serve evolving needs.


We do what it takes to pursue the highest possible outcomes.

We live these values in the following ways:

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Enthusiasm for challenges

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Opportunities for growth and development 

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Occasions for appreciation and celebration 

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Community involvement 

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Learn more about Metiri Group