February 9th, 2009
APPL Inc. moves into its new 20,500 square foot Lab located in Clovis!

APPL Inc. - Over 30 years of Analytical Excellence
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December, 2020 - Happy Holidays, from APPL Labs!

March, 2019 - APPL is PFAS certified [more..]

February, 2017 - APPL welcomes Gregory Salata [more..]

March, 2013 - APPL President Receives "Fresno Compact Award" [more..]

February, 2013 - APPL Labs is a Verified Vendor through the US Federal Contractor Registration [more..]

US Federal Contractor Registration

January, 2013 - CSUF Fall 2012 Chemistry 106 presents its Analytical Chemistry Presentation Board [more..]
December, 2012 - APPL Donates to "Rescue the Children" - Fresno [more..]
October, 2012 - APPL Labs partners with Fresno State Chemistry Department to provide a real world and hands on work experience. [more..]
February, 2012 - Clovis West High School (Jr. Achievement) students learn about business and laboratory practices at APPL Inc. [more..]
December, 2011 - APPL Labs helps out the homeless community by donating to the Poverello House. [more..]
December, 2010 - APPL Labs, in the Christmas spirit, gave back to the community by donating over 250 hours of time. [more..]
October, 2009 - APPL Labs has become the first Laboratory accredited by ACLASS for the DoD ELAP program. [more..]
February, 2009 - APPL Inc. Moves into new 20,500 square foot Laboratory [more..]
June, 2008 - APPL Inc. breaks ground on 20,500 square foot Laboratory [more..]
DECEMBER, 2007 NEW! Puck Grinder for EPA 8330B [more..]
AUGUST, 2007 NEW! High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer [more..]
OCTOBER, 2006 APPL, Inc. Awarded prestigious Excellence in Business Award [more..]

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Inorganic Instrumentation:

Our general chemistry and metals sections are equipped with over 10 instruments with redundant Ion Chromatographs and ICAPs. Some of the instruments in these sections include:

Perkin Elmer ICAP
Perkin Elmer FIMS
Agilent ICP/MS
Dionex Ion Chromtagraphs
AQ2 Discrete Analyzer
Metrohm Titrando Auto Titrator

Organic Instrumentation:

Our Volatile Organics, Gas Chromatography, and HPLC sections are equipped with over 20 instruments with redundancy for all instruments. Our VOA section contains five HP/Agilent GC/MS instruments to handle large SDG's and fast turnarounds. Some of the instruments in these sections include:

HP/Agilent GC/MS
HP/Agilent GC/FID
HP/Agilent GC/NPD
Finnigan LCQ Ion Trap
Agilent LC/MS
Agilent LC/MS QQQ
Agilent LC-DAD
Agilent 1290 HPLC
Waters Hi-Res Mass Spectrophotometer
Tekmar Atomx Purge and Traps

Sample Preparation:

Sample preparation equipment includes:

Puck Grinder for IS samples
Rotary Evaporators
DryVap Concentrator
Micro-distillation Device
Auto-Digestion Block

Rotary Splitter
Microwave Organic Extractor
Environmental Express Leachate Agitator