February 9th, 2009
APPL Inc. moves into its new 20,500 square foot Lab located in Clovis!

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December, 2020 - Happy Holidays, from APPL Labs!

March, 2019 - APPL is PFAS certified [more..]

February, 2017 - APPL welcomes Gregory Salata [more..]

March, 2013 - APPL President Receives "Fresno Compact Award" [more..]

February, 2013 - APPL Labs is a Verified Vendor through the US Federal Contractor Registration [more..]

US Federal Contractor Registration

January, 2013 - CSUF Fall 2012 Chemistry 106 presents its Analytical Chemistry Presentation Board [more..]
December, 2012 - APPL Donates to "Rescue the Children" - Fresno [more..]
October, 2012 - APPL Labs partners with Fresno State Chemistry Department to provide a real world and hands on work experience. [more..]
February, 2012 - Clovis West High School (Jr. Achievement) students learn about business and laboratory practices at APPL Inc. [more..]
December, 2011 - APPL Labs helps out the homeless community by donating to the Poverello House. [more..]
December, 2010 - APPL Labs, in the Christmas spirit, gave back to the community by donating over 250 hours of time. [more..]
October, 2009 - APPL Labs has become the first Laboratory accredited by ACLASS for the DoD ELAP program. [more..]
February, 2009 - APPL Inc. Moves into new 20,500 square foot Laboratory [more..]
June, 2008 - APPL Inc. breaks ground on 20,500 square foot Laboratory [more..]
DECEMBER, 2007 NEW! Puck Grinder for EPA 8330B [more..]
AUGUST, 2007 NEW! High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer [more..]
OCTOBER, 2006 APPL, Inc. Awarded prestigious Excellence in Business Award [more..]

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December, 2020

Wishing you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year. Best wishes from the APPL Labs team!

March, 2019

APPL is PFAS certified

In an effort to evaluate the extent of Perfluorinated analyte (PFAS) contamination, the California Water Board will soon be issuing California Water Code 13267 Investigative Orders to 31 airports with training/fire response sites and 252 Municipal solid waste landfills. The direct release of PFAS products during fire training and response activities (primarily from aqueous film forming foam, AFFF), and the indirect release from disposal of consumer and industrial PFAS products has been identified as a source of PFAS contamination in drinking water. The Orders will require analysis of water samples for PFAS by a laboratory maintaining BOTH California ELAP AND Department of Defense ELAP certifications for PFAS analysis. APPL, Inc., a small woman owned disadvantaged business in Clovis, California, maintains both of these certifications and is available to help with your analytical needs once the Orders are received. I have attached a pricing schedule for your review and will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding this analysis. You may contact me at 559-862-2133 for more information. We look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts to comply with these Investigative Orders.

EPA PFAS action plan link:

Water Boards PFAS Phased Investigation Approach link:

Laboratories Accredited to Analyze for PFAS in Drinking Water by EPA Method 537 Revision 1.1:

February, 2017

APPL welcomes Gregory Salata
APPL welcomes Gregory Salata

Gregory Salata, Ph.D. is currently a Senior Project Manager at APPL, Inc., and has worked in the environmental laboratory business for 30 years. A graduate of UC San Diego (B.A.) and Texas A&M University (M.S./Ph.D.), Greg has experience in extraction and analysis of soil, water, sediment, and tissues for organic contaminants, sample collection in both terrestrial and aquatic environments, and in client services as a project chemist/project manager specializing in highly technical/high visibility projects.

Greg's knowledge of analytical methodologies includes the following: EPA SW846, EPA OW, RCRA, and Standard Methods for analysis of environmental samples for VOCs, SVOCs, Pesticides, Herbicides, PCBs, Fuels, Fumigants, Explosives, Metals, Anions, Hexavalent Chromium, and various Inorganic constituents.

April, 2014

ACS Picnic

APPL Laboratory Director speaks at the annual American Chemical Society picnic held at CSUFresno in April 2014."

March, 2013

APPL President Receives Fresno Compact Award
APPL President Receives "Fresno Compact Award"

APPL Lab's president Diane Anderson received the 2013 Fresno Compact Award for businesses who partner with education. The Fresno Compact is a coalition of local school systems, businesses and community leaders with the common goal of preparing students for the workplace. Ten businesses are honored annually for contributing their time, expertise, and resources to the education system. APPL was recognized for sponsoring an upper division Fresno State chemistry course at the laboratory facility. The award was presented at the 17th annual Business-Education Shareholder's Luncheon, sponsored by The Fresno Bee, Channel 47, and PG&E. It was inspiring to watch video clips of the 10 local businesses recognized at the luncheon for donating their resources to schools, and it was a privilege to be recognized as one of them.

February, 2013

APPL Labs Collaboration with CSU Fresno, A Minority University
APPL Labs Collaboration with CSU Fresno, A Minority University

Since 2010 APPL Labs has been working in partnership with CSU Fresno to provide on-site education and training for university students emphasizing chemistry and other related sciences. The laboratory recognizes the importance of fostering an interest in science and technology within the San Joaquin Valley. APPL has dedicated a portion of their facility to accommodate Fresno State professors and students in an interactive classroom setting for "Chemistry 106 Instrumental Analysis". The upper division, service-learning chemistry course provides students with access to laboratory staff, equipment, instrumentation, and supplies. In addition, APPL provides laboratory support for students working on their Master's Degree through CSU Fresno. Summer internship programs are also sponsored through the laboratory for students who would like hands-on work experience in an environmental lab. Through the 8-10 week internship program, students are given the opportunity to work in each of APPL's analytical departments in order to understand the sample process, beginning with initial sample login through final data report generation. APPL is pleased to continue its efforts in training and educating students, in order to foster a community of future scientists within the local region.

January, 2013

CSUF Analytical Board
The Chemistry 106 class of fall 2012 spent a semester with APPL Labs preparing a laboratory data package to understand and implement chemical analysis and gain real world experience in analytical chemistry. APPL Labs is happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate and spend time with our local community and colleges to further support Chemistry education.

December, 2012

This year for Christmas, APPL personnel combined their resources to make a donation to "Rescue the Children", a new program through the Fresno Rescue Mission. This program provides a safe place to stay for women with children, where they can find resources to build life skills and become valuable members of society. APPLs donation consisted of a cash donation and much needed items for women and children, including: clothes, personal hygiene products, kitchen items, and children's Christmas toys.

October, 2012

Lab Director Sharon Dehmlow with Fresno State Chemistry Departments Eric Person and Students APPL Inc is proud to partner with the Fresno State Chemistry Department, and the Fresno County Office of Education: Scout Island Facility, to provide a unique service learning course in instrumental analysis for upper division chemistry majors. Students enrolled in this course have the opportunity to work in a nationally accredited environmental laboratory using industry standard EPA drinking water analysis methods to analyze samples they take from the Scout Island Water System. This collaborative learning environment offers student’s invaluable job related experience and essential skills for employment in the modern chemical industry.

February, 2012

Lab Director Sharon Dehmlow with Clovis West High School Students On Feb 2, 2012, APPL Inc hosted a group of 18 Clovis West High School students who were part of the national Jr. Achievement program. Through this program K-12 students are prepared and inspired to develop work-readiness skills and entrepreneurship in the 21st century global marketplace. Students were given an overview and a tour of APPL's environmental laboratory facilities. The tour included several hands-on lab experiments, such as pH testing and making slime! APPL's team of supervisors explained their unique role in the company, and how communication and coordination between departments is essential to running a successful business. Students observed a weekly manager's meeting in progress and interacted with HR, Project Management, I.T., Extraction, Instrumentation and Shipping Receiving department personnel. APPL is pleased to be a part of inspiring young people to succeed in today's technical world.

December, 2011 Poverello House Montage

APPL Labs, once again donates back to the community. This year by having a food drive for the Poverello House. APPL employees donated 19 turkeys, 1 ham, water and soda, and 80 cans of food. This was estimated to feed 215 people and additional donations of shoes, clothing and other Hygeine products were made as well.

December, 2010

Donation hours Pictures APPL Labs, in the Christmas spirit, gave back to the community this Christmas by donating hours to the community in a number of areas. Some of this including, but not limited to the donation of computers and the hours to set them up at Cardegan elementary school, officiating at Junior championships swim meets, as well as helping with technology upkeep at Our Lady of Victory Elementary School. The total donation added up to over 0 hours!

February, 2009

Ground BreakingAs of February 9th, APPL Inc. has moved to its new home located at 908 N Temperance Ave., Clovis, CA 93611. This new facility will allow APPL to continue to expand to our clients needs and expectations including our latest certifications and methods in, MIS sample prep., Dioxin, and PCB Congenors. If you did not receive a Post Card from us stating our new address, make sure to update the address listed above. For those who are curious, we have pictures located here.

June, 2008

APPL Inc. has used its analytical excellence to bring quality data analysis and customer service for over 30 years. We are proud to announce that we are expanding our lab for our third time!

Ground BreakingAPPL Inc. broke ground on June 2nd, 2008 onto it's recently acquired land in the new Clovis Research and Technology Park, located off of Alluvial and Temperance. (Nearly directly off the Temperance exit on 168.) Among those attending the event was four previous Clovis Governors, representatives from California State University of Fresno, and representatives of the City of Clovis. This move will upgrade APPL's roughly 9,000 square foot lab to over 20,000 square feet. This new laboratory building will be the new home of APPL Inc.'s latest instrumentation, including the High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer, PCR, and puck grinder. Stay tuned as we expect to "get the keys" around Feb-May of 2009.

December, 2007Puck Grinder

APPL, Inc. is happy to announce that we have acquired a Glen Mills Essa Tech PUCK GRINDER. We are now one of only a few labs capable of preparing samples by EPA Method 8330B. This will allow us to see ultra low levels of explosives in soil and sediment samples. Please call us for more information.

August, 2007

High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer

We've recently added a High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer for the analysis of Low-Level Organics. APPL, Inc. is currently capable of analyzing Dioxins and Furans by EPA 8280 and EPA 8290 as well as PCB Congeners. This new instrument will open up future analyses soon.

October, 2006

2006 Excellence in Business AwardsAPPL, Inc. has been awarded the 2006 Central California Excellence in Business Award. This prestigious award is sponsored by The Fresno Bee in partnership with the Fresno Business Council and the Economic Development Corporation. The Excellence in business award recognizes nine companies for continuing the success of the local community through means of high ethical standards; corporate success and growth; employee and customer service; and concern for the environment. APPL, Inc. was awarded in the Professional Services Category on May 17, 2006.

APPL, Inc. has been a company that treats its customer service as its number one priority and we were are honored that is has been recognized with this distinguished award in Professional Services and we will continue to push forward in both customer service and in our information services in order to meet the future needs of our clients and customers.