February 9th, 2009
APPL Inc. moves into its new 20,500 square foot Lab located in Clovis!

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December, 2020 - Happy Holidays, from APPL Labs!

March, 2019 - APPL is PFAS certified [more..]

February, 2017 - APPL welcomes Gregory Salata [more..]

March, 2013 - APPL President Receives "Fresno Compact Award" [more..]

February, 2013 - APPL Labs is a Verified Vendor through the US Federal Contractor Registration [more..]

US Federal Contractor Registration

January, 2013 - CSUF Fall 2012 Chemistry 106 presents its Analytical Chemistry Presentation Board [more..]
December, 2012 - APPL Donates to "Rescue the Children" - Fresno [more..]
October, 2012 - APPL Labs partners with Fresno State Chemistry Department to provide a real world and hands on work experience. [more..]
February, 2012 - Clovis West High School (Jr. Achievement) students learn about business and laboratory practices at APPL Inc. [more..]
December, 2011 - APPL Labs helps out the homeless community by donating to the Poverello House. [more..]
December, 2010 - APPL Labs, in the Christmas spirit, gave back to the community by donating over 250 hours of time. [more..]
October, 2009 - APPL Labs has become the first Laboratory accredited by ACLASS for the DoD ELAP program. [more..]
February, 2009 - APPL Inc. Moves into new 20,500 square foot Laboratory [more..]
June, 2008 - APPL Inc. breaks ground on 20,500 square foot Laboratory [more..]
DECEMBER, 2007 NEW! Puck Grinder for EPA 8330B [more..]
AUGUST, 2007 NEW! High Resolution Mass Spectrophotometer [more..]
OCTOBER, 2006 APPL, Inc. Awarded prestigious Excellence in Business Award [more..]

Introduction and Mission Statement -- APPL Inc.
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We are located in the heart of the Central Valley, in Clovis, California. The San Joaquin Valley is the world's richest agricultural area in export dollars. Our convenient location allows for same-day courier pickup to Sacramento area and Bay area sampling sites.

Business/Staff Experience

With over 25 years of analytical experience, we've evolved over time to utilize tried and true laboratory practices. This assures that our clients receive responsive service, fast turnaround times, and legally defensible data. Every analyst is educated with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in chemistry or other closely related field. We employ chemists with Ph.D's, Master's, and Bachelor's degrees from schools such as UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco, UC San Diego, California Polytechnical State University, Bates College, and California State University of Fresno.

Service Above the Rest

Generating high quality sample results is the easy part. Our focus has always been our clients. We answer all questions same day, are always available to help on the phone, and have proven to be very flexible to the unpredictable nature of some projects. For example, if a sample load, turnaround requirement, or leachate method is suddenly required, we are expedient and helpful in meeting these needs.

Electronic Data Deliverables

APPL, Inc. was one of the first in our industry to hire on a full time database programmer to meet the various electronic reporting needs of our clients. We have continued this tradition through today, offering all of the major formats in a proven quality that will load into your database easily.

Small Woman-Owned Business

APPL, Inc. is a certified Small Woman-Owned Business, issued by the U.S. Small Business Administration. We are also certified by the State of California as a Small Disadvantaged Business. Within the laboratory community, we are not exactly small, we employ over fifty chemists and are experienced in handling large samples loads.

Project Experience

Since 1982, APPL, Inc. has gained experience with a wide variety of projects, including base realignments, remedial investigations, well monitoring, drinking water analysis, realty transactions, discharge permits, irrigation runoff, wastewater treatment plant influent/effluent analysis, and more. The majority of our projects are not local to Fresno or Clovis, with 60% being overnight deliveries to us from within California, and 40% from other states, including Guam and Hawaii. Our focus is Chemical analysis of water, soil, and tissue samples, however we can serve as a Full Service laboratory by subcontracting air samples, or biological testing with our reliable network of subcontracted laboratories.


While our experience is varied, and once in a while reminiscent of a CSI episode, the majority of our clients are environmental engineering firms working under Task Orders or other government contracts. We also do a significant amount of work for irrigation, property, and drinking water regulations to meet State of California requirements.

Analytical Focus

As an analytical chemistry lab, servicing environmental concerns, we primarily analyze soil and water samples to determine the ppb (parts per billion) concentrations of trace chemicals. Common chemicals of concerns may be Perchlorate, PCE, Benzene, DDT, Mercury, Lead, Nitrate, Dioxane, Methomyl, etc. The full list of our capabilities includes over 3,000 chemicals of concern. We are not directly capable of analyzing air or biological contaminants, but we have a reliable network of subcontracted labs that we use to help clients meet all their analytical goals at one place.